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Company Profile

Company Profile

Sanhong is a certified High-Tech company based in China (with a paid-up capital of 30 million Yuan) that specialize in the design & manufacture of equipment used in welding automation. It exports 50% of its products to more than 30 countries worldwide.
The company is situated in - Wuxi Economic Development Zone (Hudai Town, Binhu District) which is within the most dynamic Yangtze River Delta economic zone in China, interconnected by Sunan International Airport, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed road, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed road, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity railway, and near to Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
The main products include welding manipulators, welding rotators, welding positioners, customized long-seams or circ-seam welding equipment, multi-joints facilities, piperacks, robotics work-station, edge-milling machine, conveyor handling system and bespoke welding solutions that are used extensively in offshore, oil & gas, wind-tower, pressure vessel, nuclear, shipbuilding & repair, mechanical works, aerospace industries etc that required efficient automation in welding.
The company is certified ISO9001:2008 and was conferred the prestigious High-Technologies Enterprise in 2014.
Grounded in the motto of“Putting You First”, the company invested 2 million yearly in R&D to innovate and expand its product at the cutting edge of technology in welding automation. By 2013, the company has already garnered 15 patents with many more pending. Meanwhile annual sales exceeded 60 millions.
In 2016, the company broke ground to build a 10,000m2 brand new high efficient purposed-built manufacturing facilities.
Sanhong aims to produce world class welding automation equipment and services in the mid to high-end range through continual improvement, innovation and quality control.
In 2009, our company was certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System. Our company has obtained 15 technical patents. In 2014, our company was rated as Jiangsu “High-tech Enterprise”.  
In the spirit of “Rainbow Comes after a Storm”, Sanhong people are committed to creating the first brand of high-grade welding auxiliary machine and international famous brand of welding equipment. Our company strives to build the first-rate team and brand and provides new and old customers with high-quality welding equipment and service.