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Pipe welding line

Pipeline welding long line C


Plate Handing Conveyor

Car Seat Foaming System

Profile Beam Infeed/Outfeed

Profile Beam Handing System

Post Bending Machine


Seam Closing Machine

Long line welding line for large pipe

Multi-wire Internal Seam Welding Machine

Long line welding line for large pipe B

Multi-wire External Seam Welding Machine

Long line welding line for large pipe A


Pipeline welding long line


Pipeline welding long line B

Pipeline welding long line A


Steel plate edge milling machine


Large straight sewn pipeline equipment

Large diameter pipe production line cater to production of pipe range 16”~60”diameter with length up to 12m. The processes comprises plate edge preparation, pre-bending, C-shaping, post-bending, seam-closing, multi-arc internal welding, U-milling, multi-arc external welding, diameter expanding, pipe-ends bevel, water pressure testing, UT testing, radiography testing, straightening and final adjustment etc.  

Pipe welding line


Long transmission line of marine pipe roller table


Pile Rack

Custom conveying tooling equipment