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Sanhong Heavy Industry's 20th Essen Exhibition Ends Successfully

Sanhong Heavy Industry's 20th Essen Exhibition Ends Successfully

The 20th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair (Booth N2450) participated in our company successfully concluded on June 19, 2015. In this exhibition, our company exhibited MM manipulator (with Lincoln DC1000 submerged arc welding machine), MMS precision manipulator (linear guideway precision welding manipulator, supporting plasma welding machine), 5T positioner, 1T, 3T mini Type roller carriage, 40T pair +80T electric walking roller carrier, ring seam welding machine, LP2000 longitudinal seam welding machine, robot workstation (supporting L-type positioner), robot table, 1000A rotating grounding device, 2000A rotating grounding device, etc. 
During the four-day exhibition, the quality of our products has been well received by new and old customers at home and abroad. Visitors from more than 20 countries in the world visited and visited our booths and products. At the exhibition, the staff of our company answered the various questions of the customers and accepted the opinions and suggestions of the customers. Here, our company sincerely thanks the new and old customers at home and abroad for the recognition of our company's products and services, thank the new customers for their in-depth understanding of our company, and also thank the old customers for the support of our company as always. At the same time, we are grateful to all the staff of the on-site service of this exhibition as well as the hard work of the staff responsible for loading and unloading in the early and later stages. Our company will continue to improve and expand the scale of our products and become a first-class automated welding equipment manufacturing company at home and abroad.
It is believed that San Hong will be more brilliant tomorrow, and we will go higher and further.