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Pipeline valve surfacing

Pipeline valve surfacing

Hot wire surfacing of valve

Horizontal hot wire TIG double gun welding

Vertical Hot Wire TIG Welder


Pipeline valve surfacing


Application message  
Welding mode:Hot filament TIG

Workpiece material: ER309LMo+ER316L......etc.

Workpiece diameter: ≤1000mm 

Workpiece length:: ≤2000mm

Workpiece thickness: ≤ 60mm

Weld form :bead weld

Surfacing refers to the welding process of metal materials with relatively excellent properties deposited on the surface of metal materials with poor corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

System characteristics

This company combines the domestic and foreign related welding domain implementation product experience, in line with the high performance-price ratio principle carries on the design, provides the scientific welding solution according to the customer demand;
Sanhong heavy Industry has more than 10 years of Manipulator,Rotator, Welding machine for special use and system design, manufacturing, complete sets, installation, commissioning, delivery experience;
The electrical control system of this kind of equipment is made according to the CE standard, adopts PLC control, and the system parameters are set by touch screen operation,All Chinese man-machine dialogue interface operation,Quick and convenient, simple and easy to understand.
This kind of equipment has the advantages of practicality, reliability, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient daily maintenance and so on. It is an ideal equipment for improving automation degree and efficiency.



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